On Thursday last, the ASAE Tech Council hosted an online book club discussion. The book was Erik Qualman’s Socialnomics, about the economic impact of social media. This was chosen because he was the keynote speaker at the last ASAE Tech Conference. Written in 2009 and updated in 2012, it was still surprisingly relevant in such a fast changing world as social media.

So we had a good discussion. He was prescient about the use of social media in presidential elections, though I don’t think he foresaw just how crucial Twitter would be (Yuck).

We talked about losing the duality of personas. Say wha’? That’s the fact that you can’t really have a ‘work face’ and a ‘personal face’ anymore on social media, they have become intertwined. So you have to be authentic in all your personas, it has to be the real you showing up no matter where it is.

And we talked about how this is good for the consumer, the real time, personalized information, as well as the immediate responses from large corporations to complaints posted on Twitter.

But one thing I didn’t get to say was how much work this is! He talked about how ‘speed wins’ and referenced that social media marketers have to be akin to  party planners, yet at the same time we need to have good karma. That sounds like an awfully heavy burden. And the last point is that you cannot put that burden down, because this is how marketing and selling and information will be transmitted now and in the future.

For a small company, that isn’t focused on social media as part of our product offering, that’s a lot of work. I think that which we have been doing accidentally (focusing on just a few social media channels) will be more intentional in the future. We will scale down to just those channels where we can have energy and authenticity.

Side note: The online book club is one of several initiatives of the ASAE Tech Council this year. Our goal is to have conversations in the association technology community that are accessible to all. So we have round table discussions, that are not just in DC but also in New York (May) and Chicago (August). We have online book club discussions that anyone can join, even those that haven’t read the book! And we have thought leadership discussions to bring new thinking into our work.

Look out for upcoming events being posted on Collaborate – there is one every month.

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