Technology Sherpas

You know how sometimes you have a team discussion and a really great insight emerges?  This happened for us at a team retreat this summer.  Sitting around my kitchen table, we realized that we are “technology Sherpas”.

This term came to us when we were struggling to define the practical guidance we give to associations who are facing technology challenges.  A Sherpa is a great image to use, because it helps us explain the partnership we offer and value in our projects.  We don’t sit remotely from the project, offering advice at a distance.  If you work with us, we go with you through each step of the process, helping plan out a feasible path, providing insight into the challenges that will be faced, doing research on the options available, and offering a proven way to the top.  Ultimately, we want to be right there with you, helping you make good decisions in the moment.

It’s a very satisfying form of consulting, tangible in its outcomes.  And we enjoy our work.  And since it’s Labor Day, it’s a good day to celebrate work.  Have a great weekend.

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