On Thursday last, the ASAE Tech Council hosted an online book club discussion. The book was Erik Qualman’s Socialnomics, about the economic impact of social media. This was chosen because he was the keynote speaker at the last ASAE Tech Conference. Written in 2009 and updated in 2012, it was still surprisingly relevant in such […]

Who do you trust? This is vitally important to you and your career, because it’s not just who you trust, but who trusts you? They won’t tell you straight up, but you might start to deduce that you’re not trusted from some key signs: You are involved in projects late or not at all and […]

I was on a phone call recently when a key staff member at a client organization asked me a question. He said that in most projects, you have to choose between outcomes that are better, faster, or cheaper. You have to pick two, typically you can’t have all three at one time. Then he asked […]

Should you issue a full-scale RFP for your next new system? How much detail do you really need to include? Should the RFP come before or after deep conversations and lengthy demonstrations with possible partners? Here are three guidelines we’ve found useful for associations in your position. 1. A full Request for Proposal (RFP) works […]

I’ve been thinking about member value a lot recently, and I see four ways that an association can provide value to members: Association to Member – benefits offered directly from the organization to member.  These include such services as education, information, data, and events. Member to Member – services which facilitate members feeling connected to […]

In his ebook that he kindly posted on ASAE’s Collaborate community, John Mancini argues that we should no longer strive to make an AMS the database of record for all association data.  While many associations, in following the mandate to understand their business and members better, have worked to bring all the data into an […]

You know how sometimes you have a team discussion and a really great insight emerges?  This happened for us at a team retreat this summer.  Sitting around my kitchen table, we realized that we are “technology Sherpas”. This term came to us when we were struggling to define the practical guidance we give to associations […]